Our Dedicated Team

Board Of Advsiosrs

Eric Abbott

As a global executive specializing in healthcare and digital transformation, I am dedicated to advancing innovative technologies that prioritize customer success. My leadership is rooted in building consensus, tackling challenges, and nurturing high-performing international teams to foster enduring partnerships. My experience spans managing teams in cutting-edge fields like 5G, IoT, and AI, underscored by achievements recognized with multiple US patents. With over 20 years in Product Management and Strategy, I have a proven track record in value creation, demonstrated through launching over 30 products and driving growth in diverse sectors. As a board advisor and educator, I engage in meaningful dialogues on technology’s role in society, always with a commitment to public safety and ethical principles. As a dedicated member of the Board of Advisors, I bring a deep commitment to customer success, rooted in time-honored values of service and dedication.


Sam Chughtai
As a dedicated member of the Board of Advisors, I bring a deep commitment to customer success, rooted in time-honored values of service and dedication. I am honored to have been recognized by the Microsoft Military Affairs Team for leading successful transitions from military to civilian careers, reflecting my passion for diversity, equity, and inclusion, especially in supporting women and military veterans. I believe in going the extra mile – “My Dozen is 13” – to ensure excellence in every aspect of the customer experience.

My journey in cybersecurity and AI has been enriched by the unwavering support from esteemed organizations like IBM, Microsoft, Accenture, KPMG, PwC, and the Department of Defense, spanning over three decades. My focus has been on pioneering areas such as Generative AI Model Development, Quantum-Safe Cyber Solutions, and advanced digital signature algorithms like Falcon, CRYSTALS-Dilithium, and CRYSTALS-Kyber public key encryption. Furthermore, I have been instrumental in integrating specialized Foundational Models into Department of Defense systems.

Our research lab stands as a beacon of our shared dedication to addressing critical issues such as assessing vulnerabilities in AI-driven systems and implementing AI in cyber defense strategies, with a keen interest in the emerging field of Quantum bits (qubits). My approach is always customer-centric, valuing traditional principles of integrity and excellence in every endeavor.


Aman Chughtai, Director Ai / ML Consulting

As a Director of Product Management specializing in AI/ML and LLM models, I bring a humble yet passionate approach to driving customer success, underpinned by a profound understanding of complex technologies. My journey in this field is rooted in a solid educational foundation, including a Computer Science degree, a Postgraduate Diploma in Data Science, and extensive training in DevOps and Statistics.


My experience spans the development and application of advanced models such as LLMs, Neural Networks, RAY, and Transformers, focusing on minimizing hallucination and maximizing model reliability. I have contributed to the development of multiple models now hosted on platforms like Hugging Face, demonstrating my commitment to both innovation and practical solutions.


My approach is customer-centric, always aiming to understand and meet their evolving needs. This philosophy has been a cornerstone of my success in various roles, where I’ve leveraged my expertise in AI/ML and Generative AI. My technical skills are complemented by proficiency in tools like Python, PyTorch, AWS, GCP, Salesforce, Tableau, and SQL Server.


I firmly believe in continuous learning and growth, ensuring that my knowledge stays at the forefront of industry developments. This dedication not only drives my professional journey but also empowers me to deliver impactful, cutting-edge solutions that resonate with our customers and lead them towards success.